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Tom Powell Music @KaneYoungPhotography
Elderley man and female carer laughing



I have provided music in Care Homes now for 10 years.


Working closely with some of the biggest care home providers in the UK has helped to shape my business and performances, promoting a new era of care home entertainment; moving away from wartime classics, towards excitement, smiles, laughter and fun.


Studies show that most residents in a care home environment are women, aged 85 years. This would mean that at the end of WWII, these residents had barely turned into teenagers. However, we all recognise that it is the songs of our teenage/twenties years that give us that thrilling nostalgia. Of course, there is plenty of validity in reviving Vera Lynne's classics on occasion, but an increasing number of residents want to hear a more diverse range of their favourite popular artists.

Rock 'n' Rollin to Elvis, Swinging to Sinatra, and even Boogying to The Beatles seem much more appropriate for the modern age.


Here is a form where you can write the name of a resident & their favourite song or artist. Where possible, I can endeavour to include these requests in my setlist and dedicate them to the resident. This option allows the residents independence and agency over their entertainment - meanwhile, staff can also make requests, so don't be shy!

Thanks! Message sent. *Please note, requests need to be made at least 7 days in advance, allowing our performers enough time to learn.

*Please note, requests need to be made at least 7 days in advance, allowing performers enough time to learn.


A lot of performers and agencies providing entertainment for care homes will have hidden costs; charges for fuel, travel time, different times of day, etc. Whilst I do aspire to make a living, I also endeavour to keep performances affordable, and transparent. Thus, you will know in your first quote the exact price. ​



As a singer who has experience in Classical, Musical Theatre and Pop music, 

Tom also works as a vocal coach. His singing experience includes a Grade 8 and Performance Diploma at Distinction standard. In 2013, Tom was awarded an Excellence Award from the London College of Music - he has since achieved an Associate Diploma of the London College of Music. 


Highlights of Tom's singing career thus far have been supporting current artists such as Olly Murs, Diana Vickers, Amelia Lily and Tommy Reilly, a performance with the Gabrieli Consort at the 2011 BBC Proms at the Royal Albert Hall and supporting 80s stars 'Black' (Colin Vearncombe) and 'Henry Priestman'

(The Christians) on their recent tours.


Tom regularly gigs as a solo artist with high-quality backing tracks through his own PA system or the house PA system if available. From light, easy-listening music, to chart classics by the likes of Tina Turner, Mika, Queen, Chuck Berry, The Beatles, Van Morrison, Frankie Valli, Sinatra and Winehouse.

Tom Powell



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