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The simple melody in the chorus gives audiences an anthem to remember. For this reason, it is usually the finalé to his live show, after he has taught his audience the tune.


"This one has that punch to it that for me makes it the stand out single, building to the crescendo of the chorus, lyrically beautiful and highly descriptive."

- Andi Grainger, Blogger/Podcaster and Guitarist/Vocalist, reviewing Sixteen Hours."


'Stars' began in 2013 while Tom was the frontman of a young, teenage band in the North East of England called, Sus2.


Later that year the band came to an end and he forgot all about Stars, thus, it was never completed!


In 2015 he finished writing Stars, added it to his live set and it is now one of the brighter numbers in his repertoire.

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'This Town' is a song which Tom wrote as an angsty teenager wanting to move to 'The Big Smoke'. Within a few months of arriving in London, he felt it necessary to re-record the song in a new context.


'Win' is a poignant song with themes surrounding the terrorist attacks that happened across the UK and in the US in 2017. These events include the Westminster attack, the London Bridge attack, and the Manchester Bombings

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'Brandon' is a song which Tom wrote about a tragic incident which happened on the road outside his house. A young driver hit a small child at 51mph on a 30mph road and the little boy never woke up. The child was Brandon Maggs.


A folky ballad from Tom here,

the story taken from a chat with a

hitch-hiker he met on the way to a gig

in the Lake District. This is likely to feature on his upcoming EP.

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"For Lewis & Chelsea"

During the 2020 Covid-19 Lockdown.,

Tom decided he'd learn how to play piano

Though he's got a long way to go, just a few months later he wrote his first piano-based song and gigged it in Kent.


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